My Quads & Bikes

Is a small active leisure company dedicated to organize tours and excursions using quads and mountain bikes. Our company designs routes that facilitate tourists a closer look at the rich and diverse natural environment of La Palma, la isla bonita, declared   Biosfere reserve by UNESCO.


The orography of the island prevents conventional vehicles to reach certain zones in the island that are a must-see for both locals and tourists who intend to thoroughly explore the island. Thus, My Quads & Bikes is founded to accommodate this incipient tourist alternative demand, promoting at the same time a closer contact with nature as well as protecting and keeping the environment safe.


Our company is licensed, insured and complies with other legal requirements to assure a professional and personalized service for our clients. Our goal is mainly to ensure the safety of our clients as well as to provide them with a quality service and satisfaction.

Are you ready for a ride?

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